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Key Partnership - Giant Leap

Tazbell are delighted to partnership with Giant Leap for our on-street enforcement systems. Giant Leap are the European leaders in parking and mobile workforce automation and supporting MIS back office systems. Working with Giant Leap has allowed Tazbell to become more efficient in our work and we are very excited about this partnership.

Giant Leap have worked within the Parking / Enforcement section segment since 2002. With over 200 parking operators as customers, based in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK and Ireland.

Giant Leaps Enforcement Solution in total issues more than 5.0 million tickets/FCNs every year. They also offer a Digital Permit Solution which has grown hugely with over 15,000 permits issued every day. They have developed strongly in existing markets by up-selling from Enforcement to Digital Permits as well as more advanced enforcement to larger operators (ANPR). They are positioned as a «one stop shop» in new markets.