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Tazbell has retained their Platinum Standard title as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies!





The Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme, in association with Bank of Ireland recognises indigenous Irish companies across Ireland which are operating at the highest levels of business performance. The network of 130 Best Managed Companies now employs over 42,000 people around the country and has a combined turnover of almost €11.4bn.

Commenting on the award, St. John O’Gara, CEO, Tazbell Services Group said:

“The Deloitte Best Managed platinum award is recognition of the results from our team as they to continuously strive for improvements across our organisation and in the services that we provide for our clients.”

Nine companies from around Ireland were awarded “Best Managed” status for the first time this year, following a detailed qualification and judging process. This took into consideration the complete performance of the business, looking beyond the finances at criteria such as operational excellence, strategy and human resource processes.

Eleven companies were presented with a “gold standard” accolade having secured “Best Managed” status for four consecutive years. Thirteen companies were also presented with a “platinum club” accolade having secured “Best Managed” status for seven consecutive years. An additional one hundred companies re-qualified having upheld the standard of a Deloitte Best Managed Company, following a comprehensive review process.

Anya Cummins, Lead Partner for Best Managed Companies at Deloitte said:

“We are consistently impressed by the organisations that qualify and requalify for our Best Managed Companies Awards programme, and the contribution that this important cohort of the economy make is highlighted by the turnover and employment numbers of the winning companies. While Irish companies across all sectors navigate issues such as talent acquisition and retention, continuing uncertainty around Brexit and regulatory challenges, the management teams of the winning companies have demonstrated their razor-sharp focus on their objectives, an agility to adapt in a disruptive market place and to innovate and use technology as a real differentiator for them.”

“The fast pace of disruption in the current marketplace makes it critical for organisations to maintain holistic, integrated strategies and seek long-term growth opportunities. Through the Best Managed Companies Awards Programme, we are working with applicant companies to help them focus on strategies that will drive sustainable growth for them into the future. We are celebrating 130 companies that are not afraid to be challenged on their strategies - in fact want to be challenged - and that have risen to the challenge.”