Dublin City Council Parking Enforcement

Dublin City Council Parking Enforcement

Tazbell manages Dublin City’s on-street enforcement service on behalf of Dublin City Council under the branding of Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS). DSPS took over this contract in 2004 which involved the transfer of over 100 staff. This is a fully managed service with sophisticated KPIs in place for the measurement of a balanced operational activity across each day, weekly and annually. 

What We Did...

Since taking over the contract in 2004, DSPS has set about delivering high quality customer service, and have implemented quality controls including ISO and Q Mark benchmarking.

DSPS provide a team of management and staff to operate this contract supported by a back office team to provide customer services and support.

We clamp, relocate and store in the region of 55,000 vehicles each year. The DSPS back office team handles all customer service calls and they process all payments and appeals for Dublin City Council each year and operate the vehicle pound for the city.

DSPS provides a firm but fair approach to enforcement, ensuring a balanced level of enforcement both geographically and also in accordance with time of day and week.

DSPS supports An Garda Síochána and are part of traffic management plans at various major events each year including Croke Park games and concerts, Aviva events etc. We provide a request service, responding to parking related issues in the City raised by the Council, members of the public and An Garda Síochána.

We use a sophisticated field and back office technology solution to support the end to end process and provide transparency integrated with various 3rd parties such as cashless payment providers. We provide a Pound service to the Council and relocate over 400 vehicles to this pound and further provide a destruction service for unclaimed vehicles.

Our solution has been innovative and has utilised technology to improve service for our client and the relevant stakeholders.